Saturday, February 13, 2010

My name is K-K-K-Khan and I am not a bore!

Watched My name is...last the reviews elsewhere say, SRK has the ability to rise from the trash and give you a sweet in Swades....MNIK is one such movie where even karan johar has kept away most of his intolerable K3G stunts....the movie is as honest as the innocent giggle that SRK comes up with on top of a hill one early morning in SFO when Kajol says "Marry Me"!

Overall the movie is neat and tries to send across a warm message.....there are no twists like in NewYork (where John was the terrorist) which is better since that makes the story more believable....The movie still has a lot of gray sides though, especially in the second half where Khan ends up doing one filmi thing too many.....the climax is in Karan Johar's style and could have been crispier one in the history of Hollywood not even Forrest Gump would have walked / travelled across the breadth of USA like our Khan does.....but Ravi's camera keeps us hooked....and if you haven't missed it he sports a Samsonite bag all along (Samsonite has come up with a separate ad with MNIK gurus, please note!)

SEL come up with a relevant sound track and songs....thankfully this movie doesnt have the standard Karan Johar kindof shava shava, disco nach gaana songs ....the songs are more or less woven into the movie....Kajol is back in a slim avatar and looks convincing....the lil boy is cute and it hurts to see him go through all that in the movie....the supporting cast play their part really well.... Karan Johar has pulled off a nice casting right from the young SRK....the effort shows off there. Even in the scene where SRK hitches a ride on the pumpkin filled truck , you get to see the board he wrote to ask for a ride...good attention to detail.

I wonder why SRK tries so hard to promote this tend to think he staged that airport hungama a few months back as a reality teaser trailer....this movie will warm the cockles of your heart and does not need this kindof a promo at all. Go watch's definitely paisa vasool and will be the year's first big Bollywood hit......I' ve personally disliked Karan Johar's movies for his candy floss approach but he prefers to use that just for sugar coating this movie.......good job!